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Here are the basic facts: Porush lived in Belfort’s building, and he went to work as a trainee under Belfort before Stratton Oakmont. Hollywood notes, he did not meet Belfort in a restaurant; they were introduced by Porush’s wife (and yes, she was his cousin; they have since divorced).He has admitted to eating a live goldfish that belonged to a Stratton employee, as depicted in the memoir and the movie, but denies the three-way with Belfort and a teenaged employee.Some of these stories are difficult to verify, but, for what it’s worth, the FBI agent who investigated Belfort told the , “I tracked this guy for ten years, and everything he wrote is true.” (Even the yacht story checks out.) As for the much discussed tossing of little people, shown at the beginning of the movie: Belfort’s second-in-command says “we never abused [or threw] the midgets in the office; we were friendly to them.” That same former exec says there were never any animals in the office, let alone a chimpanzee, and he says that no one called Belfort “the Wolf.” We know, at least, that the nickname was not coined by a As far as I can tell, Belfort is not a particular advocate of “sell me this pen,” a bit of sales interview role-playing that has been around for years.Another minor but notable difference between movie and reality: Belfort, unlike Di Caprio, is a short man, and multiple acquaintances have suggested that his lust for money, power, and attention are evidence of a Napoleon complex.

For example: ‘That food will spoil if you leave it out’. “Send” is used when something (or someone) goes away from you, but you don’t go along“ “Last time” refers to a specific occurrence of something, not something that happened long ago, nor something that happened continually in the past. If you said “Last time Romans wore shorts”, you are obviously a time traveling Time Lord. For example “Keep your books” (which means “put your books away”) To hold or retain in one’s possession as one’s own.

Porush was indeed a childhood friend of Steve Madden’s, and the initial public offering for that women’s shoe company was the biggest bit of business Stratton Oakmont ever did.

Madden, like Porush and Belfort, served time in prison for participating in the Stratton scheme.

As for the fidelity of Di Caprio’s portrayal otherwise, there are many videos of Belfort you can watch online, including one or two of Stratton Oakmont company parties.

The case of Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) is more complicated.

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For one thing, Azoff is a fictional name, and the character is sometimes described as a composite.

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