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The new quarters consisted of a single room, windowless, with an open drain in the floor. Her home, still, was to be the “carriage house.” Several years later, a group of Ananda representatives on a tour of India paid Meera a visit.

If you study them with reverence and deep attention, along with the practice of deep meditation, you will be in touch with the divine link of our masters, and will be lifted into the kingdom of Cosmic Consciousness.”In accordance with the wishes of our Guru, we are dedicated to upholding the teachings of the distinctive path that is the unique contribution of Paramahansaji and his line of gurus to the spiritual welfare of the world.Many persons of different religions have found great benefit, and enhancement of their own faith, by practicing the methods given in the SRF Lessons (YSS Lessons in India).a spiritual legacy infused with his divine power and blessings.An astonishing feature of SRF’s official treatment of others, especially as it has developed over recent decades, is its lack of both kindness and sympathy.This indifference to the feelings of others may even be deliberate, as if to demonstrate non-attachment to outer realities.

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Anandamoy recalls how clearly the words Rajarsi spoke at the first Self-Realization Fellowship convocation after Paramahansaji’s passing confirmed the Master’s wishes for his work, and his power to guide and bless all faithful disciples:“Many members, (not knowing that Master had declared that it was God’s will that he be the last in the line of SRF gurus), expected that Rajarsi would assume the role of Guru, because they thought they had to have a guru in the body, one whom they could see and hear.

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